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Lesson: jQuery

Learn how Script Tags and Document Ready Work

Now we're ready to learn jQuery, the most popular JavaScript tool of all time. Don't worry about JavaScript itself - we will cover it soon.

Before we can start using jQuery, we need to add some things to our HTML.

First, add a script element at the top of your page. Be sure to close it on the following line.

Your browser will run any JavaScript inside a script element, including jQuery.

Inside your script element, add this code: $(document).ready(function() { to your script. Then close it on the following line (still inside your script element) with: });

We'll learn more about functions later. The important thing to know is that code you put inside this function will run as soon as your browser has loaded your page.

This is important because without your document ready function, your code may run before your HTML is rendered, which would cause bugs.

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