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Lesson: Responsive Design with Bootstrap

Create a Custom Heading

We will make a simple heading for our Cat Photo App by putting the title and relaxing cat image in the same row.

Remember, Bootstrap uses a responsive grid system, which makes it easy to put elements into rows and specify each element's relative width. Most of Bootstrap's classes can be applied to a div element.

Here's a diagram of how Bootstrap's 12-column grid layout works:

an image illustrating Bootstrap's grid system

Note that in this illustration, the col-md-* class is being used. Here, md means medium, and * is a number specifying how many columns wide the element should be. In this case, the column width of an element on a medium-sized screen, such as a laptop, is being specified.

In the Cat Photo App that we're building, we'll use col-xs-*, where xs means extra small (like an extra-small mobile phone screen), and * is the number of columns specifying how many columns wide the element should be.

Nest your first image and your h2 element within a single <div class="row"> element. Nest your h2 element within a <div class="col-xs-8"> and your image in a <div class="col-xs-4"> so that they are on the same line.

Notice how the image is now just the right size to fit along the text?

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