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Guess the number


Augustus and Beatrice play the following game. Augustus thinks of a secret integer number from \( 1 \) to \( n \). Beatrice tries to guess the number by providing a set of integers. Augustus answers YES if his secret number exists in the provided set, or NO, if his number does not exist in the provided numbers. Then after a few questions Beatrice, totally confused, asks you to help her determine Augustus's secret number.

Given the value of \( n \) in the first line, followed by the a sequence Beatrice's guesses, series of numbers seperated by spaces and Agustus's responses, or Beatrice's plea for HELP. When Beatrice calls for help, provide a list of all the remaining possible secret numbers, in ascending order, separated by a space.

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In all the problems input the data using input() and print the result using print().